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"In May of 2005, we purchased our Chris Cutter. At that time we thought we would use it a couple of days per week. Now the Chris Cutter is running 5-7 days per week and we are thinking of a purchasing a second cutter."

"Matt told us he and the company would be there if we had any problems. They have done that, and it has been a good working relationship."

"We bought our first cutter from Cee-Jay in 1999. We were new to the quarry business, had much to learn, and the advice we received from Doug Bachli and Jerry Hernbloom proved to be essential."

"Their customer service was then and has continued to be spectacular. The employees of Cee-Jay have been a tremendous resource regarding maintenance and repairs."

"The customer service at Cee-Jay Tool Company has always been friendly and cost effective. We have since bought 3 more cutters from Cee-Jay. These cutters have proved to be rugged and capable machines which allow us to add value to our stone."

"We purchased our first 350 Chris Cutter in Winter of 2003. The machines performance was excellent and so was Cee-Jay Tool’s customer service. Due to the demand of quality chopped products we felt that purchasing a 150 Chris Cutter was a necessity for our company."

"Our customers have made several positive comments about our chopped stone and have helped our company grow at a rapid pace over the past couple of years. We would recommend Cee-Jay Tool’s products along with their customer service to anyone in the natural stone business."

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