About Us

Commitment to Quality

Located in Loveland, Colorado, Cee-Jay Tool, LLC. has been building the most reliable, highest quality hydraulic stone cutters & stone quarry machines since 1950.

As an industry leader, our fully hydraulic stone cutting systems provide the highest quality split stone as well as the best cutting control and wear characteristics on the market.

Whether you work as a field mason or operate a full-scale stone quarry or yard, our machinery is designed to be dependable in all working environments.

It is our mission at Cee-Jay Tool, LLC. to be the world leader in quality, value and customer satisfaction through the integration of people, technology and business process.

The Industry Leader

Cee-Jay Tool, LLC. provides industry-leading stone splitters and stone processing solutions to assist customers in their pursuit of a true competitive advantage.

All of our stone splitting machines are manufactured to be field serviceable with 'off-the-shelf' tools and parts whenever possible. When not, we provide detailed service instructions and specific tooling and parts as required. We also maintain a field service staff if you prefer to have us service your machine.

Our tight design tolerance, engineering excellence & manufacturing discipline, coupled with simple routine maintenance will provide you with many years of reliable service between major maintenance activities.

Best Value on the Market

Cee-Jay Tool, LLC. first fully-hydraulic floating tooth stone splitter was delivered in 1950. For over half a century we have continued to develop our machinery with specific attention to safety, productivity, serviceability and durability.

Whether you work as a field mason or operate a full-scale quarry or stone yard, our efforts have resulted in the best value on the market for stone cutting, splitting, and material handling equipment.

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